Tension of War

Tension of War


– High alert
– Tough times
– Escalation in Taiwan
– It’s hard to be patient
– Conjunction in operation
– The storm has arrived
– Looks like a scare event
– Many events are expected
– There are several hot spots
– It will happen in due time
– F-35s are unable to fly
– They have faulty Chinese parts
– Tension in the Strait of Formosa
– Military deployment in Baghdad, Iraq
– US kills Al Qaeda leader in Afghanistan
– India moves its army to its border with China
– Pakistan army on Ihttps://youtu.be/VRYs6s4JYcAndia’s doorstep
– China’s Dragon family split from the Rothschilds
– Earth is spinning faster and faster, with day getting shorter
– Pentagon sanctions General Flynn over Russia trip

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